This past weekend was the PopZilla! Gallery show Foolish Mortals. I showed up a bit early to help my buddy Sam setup his booth for the art crawl and I have to say that I had warm and fuzzy feelings thinking back on my days helping run the Covina and La Puente art walks. Ah, memories.

The show had many extraordinary pieces of art and at the risk of sounding a bit biased (since I’m a big Haunted Mansion fan) I have to say that this may be my favorite PopZilla! show to date. Our good friend, Gavin, had a piece called “Spookstock” (click on the image to see a larger version).

To top things off, Disney Legend and former Imagineer Bob Gurr joined us to greet fans and sell copies of his new documentary; it’s always fun to see Bob! Bob is always full of energy and has great stories. I’d love to get him back on the Podketeers podcast to continue picking his brain. As is the case with many of these events that I attend, I rarely end up with a photo of myself with attendees or guests (since I’m always taking photos and now video) and I regret not getting a photo with Bob. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see him again soon so I can snag quick pic. Below you’ll see a photo of Bob and my buddy Sam (curator of the show).

Disney Legend Bob Gurr and curator Sam Carter.
Spookstock by Gavin Otteson

Although there was many amazing pieces, one of my favorites was a Haunted Mansion building made from small cut out parts. Some of the ironwork pieces had very intricate cuts and amazing detail. The pieces appeared to be laser cut but I couldn’t tell definitively. Either way, the piece was stunning! This was one of those shows that you wish you had endless amounts of money and enough wall space to display the art. Click on the photos below to see larger versions.

Kevin and Jody also had pieces in the show that would make most Haunted Mansion fans’ jaw drop.

I also have to mention fantastic 3D piece of Madame Leota (which you can see in the gallery below). Below you’ll find a gallery of the people I had a chance to snap a photo of along with some of the art on display. It’s always fun to see some of my friends at these shows and meeting new ones.

It was another great show and I was very happy to attend. Understandably so, there was a lot of Hatbox Ghost pieces but considering the cult-like following that ol’ Hattie has, I would have been surprised if there wasn’t. There was one Hatbox Ghost piece that just made us laugh because very faintly inside of the hatbox was the face of Nicolas Cage. Why, Nicolas Cage? I have no idea but it was pretty funny and you couldn’t not see it once you knew it was there (yes, a photo of the piece is in the gallery).

The art work normally stays up for 1-2 weeks after the opening but if you didn’t (or won’t) have a chance to head down to Pop Comics I’ve added a gallery of some of the art from the show. If you were at the show (or looked through the photos) which was your favorite piece? Let me know in the comments section below!

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