Guests that attended the D23 Expo yesterday thought they knew everyone on the list that would be bestowed the honor of ‘Disney Legend’. As George Lucas made his way to the backstage area and Disney President, Bob Iger, walked back towards the podium, guests in attendance expected him to say some closing words about the ceremony. Instead (in what I would like to consider an homage to Disney Legend, Steve Jobs) he took the stage and while the crowd still chearing drowned out the words “one more…”, the crowd quickly settled as Bob said “there’s nothing that D23 fans love more than a good surprise. So…” The lights dim and sword-like clinking was heard over the speakers with a quick vignette of movies that led to a clip with Captain Jack Sparrow. The crowd erupted and cheered as the video package continued and ended with Johnny Depp’s name on-screen with the Legends Award in the center. Bob Iger walked back on stage to introduce Johnny Depp. In his speech he said that people that admired him were not his “fans” but his “employers” and thank them for allowing him to act silly for a living.  It was truly a great surprise to kick off the 2015 D23 Expo.

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