The Disneyana Gallery new art showcases are always fun to attend. Not only do you get to see the unveiling of the latest art pieces to be featured at Disneyana, you also get a chance to meet and chat with the artists themselves. I had the pleasure of attending the latest release featuring Jeremy Fulton, Paul Lopez, Bridget McCarty, Daniel Killen, Larry Nikolai, Miss Mindy, Steve Adams and Dave Avanzino.

Here is a photo of the entire group shortly before heading to lunch after the event ended. (from left-to-right) Jeremy Fulton, Miss Mindy, Bridget McCarty, Daniel Killen, Paul Lopez, Larry Nikolai, Dave Avanzino and Steve Adams.

The event catered to a very intimate crowd which allowed all guests the ability to speak with the artists. I even had a chance to meet local celebrity Jeff Reitz who as of this event has gone to Disneyland 1162 consecutive days! Wow! Might I also add that Dave Avanzino won the coolest name plate (non-)contest yesterday. 🙂

The artwork produced by all of these artists is fantastic. All originals are on sale (some sold on the day of the event) and are also available as prints at the Disneyana Gallery. See some of the amazing pieces below:

It was definitely a very fun event in which I had a chance to meet and see some wonderful people. Which of the pieces is your favorite? Leave a comment down below.

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