This week the Haunted Mansion celebrated 45 years of happy haunts! To commemorate that event, this week’s episode ofPodketeers was dedicated to the history and development of the Haunted Mansion and my IG posts were themed to match starting with a “Matterhorn Monday” image straight from the HM queue.

The next two images were fun to post because they resulted in a back-and-forth between the @DisneylandToday account on Twitter

If you’d like to find me on Twitter I’m @heyzen

The final image of the week on the Mansions’ actually “birthday” was this image of the hitchhiking ghosts:

Happy 45th birthday #HauntedMansion! Cheers to another 45 years of happy haunts!

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This week I also attended Scare Los Angeles for the first time to see the Haunted Mansion panel hosted founder, Jeff Baham, with Bob Gurr and Alice Davis. Although the morning started a little frustrating it ended fairly well. I had a chance to see most the panel, see a lecture by two awesome pumpkin carvers (Bridget McCarty and Joe Yakovetik), met a fellow IGer and more (but I’ll talk about all of that in a separate post).

Finally, I can’t end this post with out mentioning that the weekend before I had a chance to meet Kevin at the Citrus Art Walk. He was in the area delivering people’s order of goodies by @DulceCookiesByMelo.

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