You know what is not exciting to see? A can of Monster that exploded in your car because you forgot to take it out while it’s 100+ degrees outside. Ugh. Not cool at all.

Either way it was still great because we released episode 5 of our podcast which we had an interview with, Dan (one of my pals from Instagram a.k.a. @Mousebrew). If you’re interested in listening to this episode, click here:

Podketeers – Episode 5 – Interview with @MouseBrew

Alice in Wonderland celebrated it’s 63rd birthday this week and I posted this image to commemorate the event! Happy birthday, Alice!

Here’s some more images from this week:

Two peaks from the other mountain. #MatterhornMonday #HeyzenPhoto #Disneyland #BigThunderMountain

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Well isn't this a #dapper fellow. #HeyzenPhoto #Disneyland #Fantasyland #MrToadsWildRide

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Are you sure #SplashMountain is that way? #HeyzenPhoto #Disneyland @Disneyland

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There's something fishy going on here. ???? #HeyzenPhoto #Disneyland #TheLittleMermaid

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Weeeeeeeeeeee!!! #HeyzenPhoto #Disneyland @Disneyland

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Anaheim... I'm here! Find me and get a #Podketeers button! ???? #podcast #disneyland #disney

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Thanks for coming by. Until next week!

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