Several weeks ago the Disneyland resort was transformed for the filming of the ‘Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration’. As part of the transformation, the iconic Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was surrounded by a stage filled with snow and trees which gave it a feeling of Arendelle. Below is one of the photos that came from that evening. I had originally posted this as a Facebook banner and soon after I was receiving requests for copies for phone backgrounds, Windows screensavers, etc, so I decided to make it available for free! In exchange all I ask is that you don’t remove my watermark, tag me if you decide to use it and if someone asks where you got it, please send them to this website to get their own copy. If you really want to help me our, use the hashtag #HeyzenPhoto when posting it or tagging me. 🙂

If you are trying to find me on Facebook, I am at:

[Heyzen:Contreras] | Photography –

Note: Tagging is a little weird on Facebook so you may have to type “@Heyzen Contreras Photography” without the quotes to tag me. 


I have also made a pre-sized version Facebook banner version available for you to download as well!


Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy the photo!

Feel free to save these for yourself and share them! I only ask that you do not remove my watermark and that you don't alter the photos in anyway (i.e. adding filters, etc) when posting.

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