It’s the morning after the Art Walk and I can say that it was nice to get a little extra sleep. 🙂 With that said,  I would like to extend an enormous ‘Thank you‘ to everyone that came out to last night’s La Puente Artwalk! Your patronage and generosity towards the students and local artists (in any medium) has not only helped make our Art Walk larger but you are helping to revitalize a community; a community full of passion, arts and talent. Thank you to all of our distinguished guests for providing their time and support for the arts. Thank you to all of the businesses that opened their doors to all of us as artists. A special thank you goes out to Kandy Yanes for allowing us to display our photography as part of our Squaresville exhibit at Kandy’s Vintage Shop. Another special thank you goes out to Kristal and Jorge Barajas for their continued support by allowing me to use Kristal Kuts to display photography by the talented Anna Krivenkoff. I would also really like to thank Bob and Rose Berdin for allowing me to be a part of their exhibit featuring people that I’ve admired a large part of my life. Thank you all for your kind words and for allowing me to be a part of the amazing growth in your community.

Although I didn’t get  a chance to take many photographs last night with all of my running back-and-forth between venues I will post some photos soon. Thanks again!



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